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Documentation of European expert meeting on Live Ins

View of the venue

[9. 3. 2022] Last autumn, the AGF discussed the topic of "live-in care", i.e. the support of people in need of care by foreign care workers in the home, in a European expert meeting. The documentation of the event has now been published in German and English.


In September 2021, 35 experts from various European countries discussed the ambivalences, problems and family policy challenges arising from the care and nursing of elderly people in private households by care workers from abroad in the form of so-called "24-hour care".


The perspectives of those in need of care, their relatives and the situation of the care workers and their families in the sending countries were intensively considered.


The documentation of the expert discussion is now available and can be downloaded here in German and English:


View of the venue
The discussion was based on the following contributions from the European expert meeting: 

  • The European care border regime: inequalities and marketisation of care
    Dr. Zuzana Uhde, Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology
  • Live-ins as a care model: Spotlights on the perspectives of care workers Justyna Oblacewicz, Fair Mobility
  • "Deficits/vacancies in care provision and live-ins
    Ulrike Kempchen, BIVA, Federal Interest Group for the Elderly and People in Need of Long-Term Care
  •  "Effects on families in the countries where care workers are posted".

    Silvia Dumitrache, Associazione Donne Romene in Italia - ADRI

  •  "Transnational care work across continents - the example of Spain".

    Magdalena Díaz Gorfinkiel, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

  •  "Experiences with different legal regulatory mechanisms" Michael Leiblfinger, Johannes Kepler University Linz and LeiblfingerResearch
  • "Trade union experiences and perspectives"
    Dietmar Erdmeier, ver.di