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AGF supports call for a Federal Day Care Quality Act.

Child care

[25. 10. 2021] The AGF, together with various other organizations in an alliance initiated by AWO, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband (AWO), Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW) and Verband Katholischer Tageseinrichtungen für Kinder (KTK)-Bundesverband (Association of Catholic Day Care Centers for Children), supports the call for a Federal Day Care Quality Act.


Jointy, the organizations demand that framework conditions such as a better specialist-child ratio, additional time for management tasks and indirect pedagogical work shall be made binding across all states in a federal quality law. Additionally they call for a permanentaly secured financing of these measures for good early childhood education. This should be included in the upcoming coalition agreement. Further information on the alliance can be found here.


In this way, the alliance is following up on the demands made by various organizations in 2017 in a joint declaration on daycare quality standards, which was initiated by the AGF.

The AGF had already developed quality criteria in 2016 to ensure high quality in daycare centers. The position paper "Fields of action for a high quality of education, care and upbringing in daycare centers" primarily addresses the following quality aspects:

  •  Access to childcare and its opening hours,
  •  Qualification and further training of professionals,
  •  specialist-child ratio and maximum group size,
  •  Development of guidelines for pedagogical work,
  •  partnership in education and training, and
  •  long-term quality assurance.





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