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AGF General Manager, Sven Iversen, new Vice-President of COFACE


[28. 09. 2020] The General Manager of AGF, Sven Iversen, was elected as Vice-President of COFACE on 28 September 2020 when the COFACE Statutary Meetings took place in Berlin.


The election also confirmed the current president Annemie Drieskens and the second vice president Antonia Torrens in office. Sylvia Stanic from Croatia became the new treasurer.

COFACE (Confédération des Familiales de l'Union européenne; engl.: Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union) is an association of over 50 European family organisations from 23 countries. They exchange experiences and influence the European level of family policy through conferences, statements and position papers. As a German COFACE member, the AGF has been supporting the work of COFACE for more than 10 years.


The election of Sven Iversen also is expression of the European and international work of AGF. Besides his involvement in COFACE Families Europe, Sven Iversen is also Chair of the International Commission on Couple and Family Relations.