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AGF and COFACE Event on a Child Guarantee

Event Child Guarantee

[25. 08. 2020] [Update: Event is fully booked]. AGF and COFACE Families Europe jointly invite to an European Expert Meeting on 29 September 2020. Main topic of this meeting will be the discussion of the Child Guarantee.


In 2017, the European Parliament requested that the European Commission implement a preparatory action on establishing a possible child guarantee scheme. In this context, the Commission has commissioned a Study on the feasibility of a child guarantee to ensure that all children in Europe who are at risk of poverty, social exclusion, or are otherwise disadvantaged, have access to essential services of good quality. The results of this feasibility study will be presented and discussed in a European Expert Meeting hosted by COFACE and AGF on 29th September 2020 in Berlin.


During this seminar we want to analyse the proposals of the feasibility study, and contribute to the shaping of the Child Guarantee from a family perspective, integrating the two-generation approach to ensure that both children and families receive support. The results will feed into the European Commission public consultation on a European Child Guarantee.


Overall, the objectives of the seminar are the following:


  1. Presenting the plans for the Child Guarantee
  2. Contribute to shaping the Child Guarantee from a family perspective and provide input for EU public consultation on a European Child Guarantee
  3. Rethink and reframe the Child Guarantee through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath
  4. Foster cross-country exchanges on national family policies and how they reduce poverty
  5. Bring together NGO and government reps on family policies
  6. Develop a roadmap for action to implement the Child Guarantee