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AGF publishes article as part of the AWO and GEW campaign #GuterGanztag

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[10. 8. 2020] Together with the GEW, the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) has launched a campaign for good all-day care for children of primary school age. The AGF shares the demand to expand all-day childcare and to increase its quality in such a way that the future chances of our children are sustainably improved by educational offers and that equal opportunities for all children are ensured.


On their website (https://www.awo.de/GuterGanztag) and under the hashtag #GuterGanztag in various social networks, AWO and GEW present arguments and voices for good all-day childcare. In this context, the AGF has published a contribution on the quality of all-day care at primary school age from the families' point of view. AGF demands that in the process of introducing a legal right to all-day care, quality must be given adequate space and the competence of family and professional associations as well as child and youth welfare services must be included in the consultations.


Also from the point of view of the AGF, the content framework conditions must be designed in such a way that a high quality education, upbringing and care can be guaranteed. In addition, the "all-day" of primary school children must offer a scope that enables all families to benefit from the offers. This includes comprehensive, needs-based holiday and off-peak care.

In June 2020, the AGF expressed itself in detail in a position paper on quality criteria for all-day childcare from the perspective of families.