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AGF Managing Director Sven Iversen new ICCFR chair


[22. 11. 2019] AGF Managing Director Sven Iversen was elected Chairman of the International Commission on Family and Couple Relations (ICCFR). Founded in 1953, ICCFR is an international forum in which organisations, associations, administrations and individuals engage in a multidisciplinary dialogue on family and partnership issues. Worldwide representatives from the fields of politics, administration, social and behavioural sciences, but also practical lawyers, judges and family therapists work together on family issues.


Francesco Belletti, head of the International Centre for Family Studies (CISF) in Milan, was elected Vice-Chair and Anita Rodarte, family lawyer from the USA, became the new treasurer.

The ICCFR Annual Congress also took place in Rome from 14.11. to 16.11.2019. It dealt with the topic "Refugee and Migrant Children and Families - Preserving family life through hard challenges". More than 100 experts from several European states as well as from Australia, China, USA, Afraca and Syria dealt with the effects of flight and migration on families.