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AGF heads into the new year with her new chair woman

Erika Biehn

[15. 1. 2019] The Federal Association of Single Mothers and Fathers (VAMV) has taken over the rotating chairmanship of AGF. The AGF heads into the new year with its new chairwoman, Erika Biehn as well with its new vice chair, Ulrich Hoffmann, who is president of the Catholic Family Association.


"AGF has broadly positioned itself in the past years", Erika Biehn underlined when taking over office. Especially in the fields of child poverty, digitalisation of family life and quality child care  AGF has given substantial contributions. In our general leadership we will follow up on this. One major goal is that parents can rely on having needs based and high quality child care - no matter where they live in Germany." A fresh impitus the new AGF chair expects in the debate on reconciling family and work life: The proposed work-life-balance package on the European level would be an important contribution that also can give a new momentum to the national debate. Particularly Erika Biehn expects intensive discussions on the reconciliation of elderly care and work life as well as the qualitiy of early child care. Those will take on the work of the council for reconciling elderly care and work as well es the new so called "good-child care-law". "As AGF the complete life course is in our focus. Families need good framework to cope with the challenges of elderly care just as with child care. We will continue to advocate for both."

Additionally the new chairwoman highlights the importance of the organisations: "To further intensify the synergies, to work together on even more subjects than what have been worked on up until now and to especially integrate all family forms, will be the target of our leadership."

In the AGF general leadership is assumed by the member associations in a two-year rotation. With the new year, the Federal Association of Single Mothers and Fathers (VAMV) revield the Catholic Family Association. At the end of 2018, the chairwoman of the VAMV, Erika Biehn, was unanimously elected new chairwoman of the AGF. The Catholic Family Association, represented by its president Ullrich Hoffman, provides the vice chair for the next two years.