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AGF at New Year's Reception of the Federal President

Stefan Becker, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Elke Büdenbender

© Bundesregierung / Steffen Kugler

[12. 1. 2018] On 09 January, Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier invited to the traditional New Year's Reception at Schloss Bellevue. Stefan Becker, chairman of AGF, was among his guests as representative of the family organisations.


Invited were not only organisations and associations but also high representatives from politics and economy as well as around 70 socially involved citizens who serve the common welfare in Germany in a particular way by their actions and efforts.

Stefan Becker underlined within the short dialogue with Frank-Walter Steinmeier that families play an important role in society and that they owe, due to their ambitious efforts within the family itself but also for society as a whole, respect and appreciation.