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AGF Conference: Families in the digital Work

Family figures in front of a network globe

[20. 10. 2017] On wednesday, the 18 October, the familiy organisations invited to a conference about the ongoing digital changes in the working environment. Under the titel "Brave new world of work? Ideas for a stronger family perspective in the digital work 4.0" participants and experts from politics, academics and organisations, discussed about risks and chances particularly for families.





The conference focussed the digital changes of work from the family perspective. Which digital changes are especially relevant for families? How can they use the digitalisation of work processes for their interests and needs? And what are the risks that need to be managed?

The conference tried to find answers in the three topics of digital changes' effects on social security, the possibilities for more flexibility in working time and space for employees and the effects of digitalisation in the care sector.


The conference was in German only. To see the agenda and to download the final documentation (not yet finished), please switch to the German language.