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AGF at World Children's Day Festival

Logo Weltkindertag 2017

[24. 09. 2017] The German World Children's Day Festival took place last Sunday, at Potsdamer Platz, in Berlin. Just like in the past years, AGF presented its members and invited families to a crash course in speed stacking and a "course of senses" and informed about the work of the family organsations.


On a beautiful sunny day a couple of ten thousand visitors enjoyed themselves on the biggest childrens festival in Germany. The World Children's Day, which is anually celebrated on 20 Sept., this year was held under the motto: "Give children a voice!". The anual festival is organized by Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk and UNICEF Germany.

Countless families visited the booth of AGF and had a good time learning 'Speed stacking' and trying a "course of senses". Good team work and trust was needed when feeling different objects from everyday family life and combining them in the right way, without seeing them. "Speed Stacking" was of special interest, too. The fast stacking of cups not only requires fast hands but also coordination and concentration. Young and old also enjoyed small competitions and stacking as a team effort.


Gruppe am AGF Stand




AGF-Ausstellung und Fühlkisten


AGF-Ausstellung und Fühlkisten