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AGF starts series of publications on the German subsistence level for children

Series of publication on German subsistence level for children

[31. 3. 2017] With this series AGF makes a stocktaking of the current system to secure a subsistance level for children in Germany. The first part of the series on the subsistance level for children in the German social law was published today and is available as pdf.


The series will cover four parts and looks how the German social law, the tax lawand the maintenance law deal with the subsistance level for children: How is it defined and how is it calculated in the respective law? Additionally the series shows how these laws interact with each other and what the effects of these interactions are.

The series was written with the support of Heinrich Schürmann, a family law practitioners and former presiding judge at the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht) Oldenburg, who reviewed the texts.

All four parts of the series will be published on the webiste of AGF in the next months. The publications are written in German language.