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AGF-conference on quality child care on 30 Nov. 2015

Planery situation at AGF conference

[02.10.2015] AGF invites to a conference on quality child care. We want to discuss what good quality in early childhood means, how it can be defined and it can be accomplished. The conference will take place on 30 November 2015 and will be in German only.


The number of children visiting child care facilities has been rising in the past years. Particularly children under three years are increasingly cared outside the family, both more often and for a longer period of time. This is supported by a right on a place in a child care facility for all children older than one year. Politics has reacted to this by massivly extending the numbers of places in child care facilities. Unfortunatley this development has only taken place on the quality side, the qualitiy level is far behind. Still definitions and standards concering the quality of child care are missing.


Against this background AGF wants to contribute to this debate and discusses criterias for qualitiy definitions of child care and possible political spheres of activity. For opening the discussion in this conference AGF will present its draft position paper on quality child care and asks experts to comment it from different points of view: children, parents and child care facility. Based on these inputs we want to get into discussion about your and our ideas for a better quality in child care facilities.


Date: 30 November 2015, reception from 1.30pm, end ca. 5pm

Location: Golden Tulip Berlin - Hotel Hamburg, Landgrafenstraße 4, 10787 Berlin, Germany


The conference will be in German! The position paper of AGF will be available in English, too - shortly after the conference.


Programme and registration for the event: Programme and regstration „Gute Kitas für alle - Leitlinien für eine hohe Kitaqualität“