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AGF meets chancellor Merkel

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[23. 10. 2014] On 22 October 2011 the German family organisations united within the AGF met German chancellor Angela Merkel for an exchange of views and opinions. The same day AGF held its general members meeting in Berlin.


In the centre of the diaolgue were topics on the domographic change and a family orientated world of employment.

"Families are the basics of our society. Recognizing this and to act accordingly, has to be in the focus of politics, because without this we won't be able to meet the challenges of the demographic changes", highlighted Dr. Klaus Zeh, chairman of AGF in the meeting.


Besides chancellor Merkel and Dr. Klaus Zeh also Stefan Becker, president of the catholic family organisation, Christel Riemann-Hanewinckel, president of the protestant working group family, Edith Schwab, chairwoman of the single parents association and Angela Rother-El-Lakkis, chairwoman of the assosciation of binational families and partnerships particpated in the meeting.


The meeting was followed by the general members meeting of AGF. Here, particularly the culture for a family friendly working life was discussed. The family organisations stated that a joint action between companies and employees is needed to take adequate account of the need of employees having family responsibilities. To achieve this an approbiate culture within the companies is a central step.  For this, AGF makes proposals in a position paper.