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Network meeting of Bundesforum Familie

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[22. 9. 2014] On Friday, 19 September the Bundesforum Familie (National Forum Family) held its network meeting of 2014. In the morning the two working groups of Bundesforum Famile came together to have a joint meeting on the topic of inclusion.


In the afternoon around 50 participants came togehter to discuss the situation of families against the background of the UN Disabilility Rights Convention.

Prof. Dr. Can Aybek (member of advisary council of Bundesforums Familie) and Diana Golze, member of parliament (Vice Chair of parliamentary committee for familiy) gave their greetings to the participants. Afterwards Dr. Jürgen Blumenberg reported to the plenary the work of Working Group A “Inclusion concerning families with disaibled realtives” and Mechthild von Luxburg reported from Working Group B “Inclusion for the variety of families”.

A (german) documentation will be available on the website of the Bundesforum Familie shortly.