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AGF at Green Festival

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[2. 6. 2014] UPDATE: Report and pictures; The Umweltfestival around the Brandenburger Tor already has become a beloved tradition in Berlin. This year it will take place on the 1st June and like the years before the AGF will join the festival to present itself and its work.


At AGF's stand children and grown-ups will have the opportunity to test speed stacking and do the sensory parcours. Besides this interested people will have the chance to inform themselves around the subject families.

Please mark to visit the Umweltfestival around the Brandenburger Tor on 1st June. We would be pleased to meet you there.


UPDATE: After the last Umweltfestival in 2013 was still in recollection because of the continuous rain, this time the weather presented itself in perfect mood. Thus this year the stands, the attractions as for example the bicycle star journey and the beaming sunshine attracted numerous guests. At the AGF stand adults and children practiced themselves in their coordination and quickness by doing speed-stacking and also tried the nature-loving so called sensory parcours. As in the year before especially this fast stacking and un-stacking of plastic cups was favored most. Beside speed rest, coordination and concentration and sometimes also the competitive motivation are demanded while stacking. Thus Young and Old took pleasure in small family competitions for the best time. Suitably to the environmental festival the sensory boxes of the AGF were filled with all kinds of natural products. At the sensory parcours one has to find out different natural materials like driftwood, stones, mussels and acorns by touching (what most visitors managed rather well). For the most courageous there was still a box with a not closer defined substance.

Besides, all interested guests were supplied with information about the family organisations and the AGF, questions were answered and conversations about family policy were carried on.


AFG beim Umweltfestival AFG beim Umweltfestival 

AFG beim Umweltfestival AFG beim Umweltfestival