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AGF at World Children's Day in Berlin


[23. 9. 2013] Last Sunday, the central World Children's Day Festival took place again as every year in Berlin at Potsdamer Platz. The AGF was there and invited children and grown-ups to try speed stacking as well as feeling "blindly"  items from a family's every day life. Also, AGF informed about its work and its current main topics.



Some ten thousand people were visiting the biggest non-commercial Children's Festival in the heart of Berlin on 22 September, this time under the motto "Chances for Children!". Federal President Joachim Gauck was patron on the Festival this year. The good weather and the many attractive activities at the stands of the exhibitors lead to a growing number of visitors, at the stand of AGF, too.


Many families tried speed stacking and the "feel parcours". While the first asked for a good coordination between hands and eyes, the latter required a fine sense and the ability of working together "blindly" as it was a task for two players to combine household objects correctly without seeing them. Both activities were very attractive for young and old alike and AGF provided some nice give-aways for the players.


A visitor at the stand of AGF was also the outgoing Member of the Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse, for a long time also president of the Bundestag. He talked to the director of AGF and to the organizer of the Children's Festival, Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, about recent developments in politics. These had been a main topic before: at early afternoon, 598 balloons with children's wishes had been send up into the air. One balloon for every seat in the Bundestag, as its election was due on the same day.  With the children's wishes, the new Members of the Bundestag were supposed to be remembered to take care for a child friendly Germany.