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AGF at Umweltfestival in Berlin


[3. 6. 2013] This weekend, the 18th Umweltfestival ("Green Festival") took place around the Brandenburger Tor. On 2nd June, the AGF joined the festival to present itself and its work. At AGF's stand, children and grown-ups could measure their coordination and speed by testing speed stacking and they were called to try out the sensory parcour. Not amusing, however, was the weather in Berlin.




Heavy rainfalls and steady drizzle were bad conditions for the exhibitors as well as for the visitors. However, there was always a number of Berliners and tourists strolling around the festival, equipped with rain clothes, umbrellas and rubber boots, until late afternoon.


Because of the bad weather conditions, the AGF has changed its activities to indoors, inside the tent stand. "Speed Stacking" was of special interest again. The stacking of cups, following some regulations, not only requires fast hands but also coordination and concentration. Young and old also enjoyed small family competitions.

According to the green theme of the Umweltfestival, the sensory parcour was full of natural issues this time. Visitors could check by feel a variety of fruits and vegetables (which they  did quite successfully) or nature materials such as thrift wood, stone, sea shells or acorns.  For the very brave, there was even a box with a non-defined substance in it ready for feeling.

As a tiny comfort for coming and playing despite of the very rainy weather, the AGF gave away newly designed cotton bags with information about its work, leaflets on the released film VIERZEHN, on the family congress in September 2013 as well as small packets with basil seeds. It was green like the colour of hope - the hope for summer coming soon to Berlin, finally.