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AGF supports release of film VIERZEHN

Poster with portraits of the four girls


[23. 5. 2013] Today, the film VIERZEHN (engl.: Fourteen) is released in Germany. The film was directed by Cornelia Grünberg and was already shown at the 62. Berlinale. Sensitive and unbiased, it follows four teenage-girls, all aged fourteen, on their way through their unexpected pregnancy and into their new life as mothers. VIERZEHN shows which consequences the girls' decision bear, how they and their social environment deal with the new situation and how the girls meet their challenges.


AGF supports the release of the film and will draw the attention to VIERZEHN during its up-coming public events in the beginning of June. The family organisations state that the film was succesful in watching the girls sensitive, honest and without moral prejudice. Director Cornelia Grünberg has been following the four girls for two years with curiosity and loving interest. Thus, VIERZEHN has become a moving, but nevertheless entertaining film, laying open the problems of a teenage-pregnancy, but not sparing out the good moments, too.