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Dr. Klaus Zeh new Chair of AGF

Dr. Klaus Zeh

Dr. Klaus Zeh

[2. 1. 2013] The Association of the German family organizations is starting into the new year with a  new chair. As scheduled, the general leadership is exchanged on rotation between the members of  AGF. The "Deutscher Familienverband" shall assume the general leadership of the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships for 2013 and 2014. The new chair is Dr. Klaus Zeh, president of the DFV and mayor of the city of Nordhausen.


As scheduled, a new board was elected by the AGF at the end of 2012. With the new year the "Deutscher Familienverband" (German Family Association), DFV, assumes the general leadership from the Association of Binational Families and Partnerships. The President of the DFV, Dr. Klaus Zeh was unanimously elected as the new Chair of AGF. The previous chair Bettina Müller-Sidibé shall be his deputy.

"The AGF has devoted itself to a far greater extent in the past two years to the circumstances of binational and immigrant families," recalled the outgoing Chair Bettina Müller-Sidibé. "We are pleased that we, as a relatively young AGF-member, could introduce our themes into the work of AGF and thereby we have certainly made our mark. An example of this is the intensive treatment of the topic "family reunification", with which we as AGF have brought ourselves at exactly the right time into the European debate. "

Another focus of the last two years has been the continued discussion on the topic of care. For many families, the issue has increased in relevance and furthermore, 2011 should have been the year of care and 2012 was the European Year of "Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity". Care continues to take place predominantly within the family framework. About two thirds of those in need of care are cared for at home, added to this comes the support services of the families, especially from the women, for their relatives in residential care.

Nursing care alongside child care, has become a central aspect in the question regarding the compatibility of family and career. According to Dr. Klaus Zeh, the new chair of the AGF, " Situations of time scarcity lead to conflict and tension, not only when it comes to the assumption of nursing care or child care responsibilities.  Time is an important commodity for families when it comes to designing their coexistence. Under our general leadership, we will continue to increase our efforts so that families are further relieved not only as regards time,  but also so that politics and society recognize the overall contributions of families  to society."

Brief Portrait: Deutscher Familienverband (DFV) (German Family Association)

The German Family Association (DFV) is a national alliance of families, whose interests it represents on the communal, i.e. national and federal level. It is non partisan and not tied to any religion and membership is open to all families in Germany and all those interested in the welfare of the family. The DFV advocates a policy, that places the family in the focus of social-political acting and recognises its achievements. The engagement of the DFV is thereby traditionally aiming at the fields, which most often influence the everyday life of families and the decision to lead a life with children: the economic situation, housing, pensions and the compatibility of family and working life. As a lobbyist for the family, the DFV takes influence from the family relevant legislation of the federal states and the countries for example on the issue of family allowance, the calculation of caring/educational years in pensionable years as well as issues in the area of housing policy.

Active and engaged work of the DFV is taking place in 16 regional and many local and district associations.  A rich program of action, advice and offers of help as well as the leading of family regeneration and family education seminars, partly conducted "at home", are all components of this engagement.

Brief Portrait: The new Chair: Dr. Klaus Zeh
Dr. Klaus Zeh was the Thuringia finance minister from 1990 to 1994 and served as the Thuringia Ministre of Social Affairs, Family and Health, from 2003 to 2008. Subsequently, he served as Minister for Federal and European Affairs and Head of the State of Thuringia until 2009. As a member of the Thuringian Parliament (1990 to 2012), he acted as spokesman for fiscal policy and media, and deputy chair of the CDU. Dr. Zeh was elected in June 2011 as President of the German Family Association and has been Mayor of the town of Nordhausen since the first of July 2012.