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Open Letter for a family friendly VAT

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[5. 12. 2012] Within the alliance "7% für Kinder", AGF has sent an Open Letter to the Federal Government asking for the introduction of the reduced VAT rate for products and services for children. The Open Letter was accompanied by a postcard-domino, which, symbolically, already replaced the 19 percent with a big seven.


In the Open Letter, AGF, together with its partners, calls for promoting the original social idea of a reduced VAT rate for necessary products. Especially families with children are disadvantaged due to the actual injust VAT system, because they spend an above average amount of their income for the basic needs of their family members. From the alliance's point of view, those basic family needs also include such fundamental things like, for instance, diapers, strollers, school diaries and school bags. The Open Letter addresses the Minister of Finances, Wolfgang Schäuble, the Minister for Families, Kristina Schröder, and the Chancellor Angela Merkel. They all are requested to reduce the VAT of products and services for children from 19 to 7 percent. The alliance "7% für Kinder" is convinced that this would be an appropriate measure from the family perspective, even due to the demographic change.

Accompanying to the Open Letter, a postcard-domino was realized in the Museum for Communication in the heart of Berlin. 1000 domino pieces has been placed in the foyer of the museum, consisting of 50 postcards from the 7% für Kinder campaign each. Thus, the domino pieces alltogether symbolized the 50.000 votes the alliance could gain for its goal. A school class from Berlin was helping to errect the domino figures, including a big seven, in the foyer and it was the pupils themselves who startet the chain reaction.