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AGF at garden party in the park of Schloss Bellevue

Schloss Bellevue

Schloss Bellevue, the Federal President’s official residence

[30. 8. 2012] Federal President Joachim Gauck is hosting a garden party in the park of Schloss Bellevue on 8 and 9 September 2012. AGF will present its work and invites, among others, to a "speed stacking" workshop and a course of senses.


The garden party will last two days: On Saturday around 4000 citizens are invited to the Federal President’s official residence.
The 4000 invited guests have been nominated by the heads of the state chancelleries or senates of all Länder, as well as by institutions from the social partnership sphere, science, education and training, the media or by welfare and aid organizations. In addition to volunteer workers, around 300 representatives from the world of politics and civil society have been invited.

On Sunday, 9 September, all citizens are invited to Schloss Bellevue and its adjoining park.

By organizing this garden party, the Federal President is continuing the tradition of a large-scale celebration in honour of those who do voluntary work. Two stages set up in the Schloss park will provide entertainment. Children in particular will be invited to watch and join in many of the performances. In addition, institutions, initiatives and volunteers will present their charity projects. To round off, there will be a concert in the Schloss park on both evenings.

The Association of German Family Organisations, too, will present themself and its work. Additionally everybody is invited to learn "speed stacking", enjoy a "course of senses" and to balance on a slack line.

The details of the garden party programme will be announced in good time on the website of the Federal President.

The party will take place on Saturday from 5 to 11 p.m. and on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We are looking forward to many guests and a lot of talks!