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Documentation of backround talk on reduced VAT

Backround talk on reduced VAT

[12. 12. 2011] The AGF and the COFACE jointly organized a european backround discussion on the reduced VAT rate for child related prducts and services as a chance for a family-friendly policy. The results of the expert meeting of September 2011 have now been published in a documentation.


The discussion took place on 8 September at the German Representation of the European Commission in Berlin. Besides members of AGF and COFACE  representatives further NGO, of the EU Commission, the European Parliament and the German Bundestag took part. The participants discussed the current VAT system in the European Union regarding the prospects of a reduced rate on child related prducts and services in order aiming at a family-friendly policy that supports life with children and promotes families.

The debate started with a summary of the legal foundations of the European VAT system. Based on this information, the states of the Green Paper on the future of VAT and the further proceeding of the Commission were presented. Another focal topic was the new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) whose development, legal and operational requirements were pointed out. Afterwards, the participants discussed the possibilities of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) regarding a reduced VAT rate. To have practical examples of a reduced rate for children’s products, the situations in Poland as well as in Spain were shown. Furthermore, the AGF introduced the initiative “7% für Kinder” from Germany and the COFACE concluded the discussion with her positions regarding the reduced VAT.   

The now published documentation contains the results of the expert meeting. Moreover you can find briefly summarized background information on the reduced rate of VAT for children’s products in the annex.