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"7% for kids" at World Children's Day


[21. 9. 2011] The World Children's Day Festival took place last Sunday, at Potsdamer Platz, in Berlin. The initiative "7% for kids" was represented with a booth at the festival. While the children played and
tinkered about, the parents were informed on and discussed the reduced VAT rate on products for


Countless parents and their children braved the incessant rain and visited the festival. The World
Children's Day, on the 20th of September is being held this year under the motto "Children have
something to say." The festival is organized by Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk,
which is also a partner of the "7% for kids" initiative.

Many families visited the booth of the initiative and inquired about the reduced rate of VAT for products and services for children. The parents had some quite lively discussions, with many entering their names onto the list of supporters or making a short video statement. The statements will shortly be displayed on the campaign website.

The children highly enjoyed themselves while they designed and decorated the "sheep" campaign motif and played a game, modeled after the famous "Twister" game and which cleverly displayed the children’s products on the motives of the postcards.

The great interest in this topic is also reflected in a recent survey (conducted via a telephone survey of 1,000 citizens by TNS Emnid in August of 2011). The results of the survey show that eight out of ten Germans wish for better conditions for parents in our country. Seventy percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that a reduced VAT rate on products and services for children in particular, would be a valuable contribution to the development of families.