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Interim results of "7% for Kids"

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[23. 8. 2011] Three months after the start of the "7% for kids" campaign, almost 18.000 people support the  call for a reduced VAT rate on children's products. Close to 3.700 persons follow the developments on facebook. There has been regional and national media coverage in the past weeks.


It has been three months, since parents and children have formed a huge seven in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to start the campaign on 17 May 2011. At the same time the signature list on the campaign website and "offline" lists were opened. The different lists have been combined now, stating that almost 18.000 people have already given their vote for a reduced VAT rate on children's products. We are very happy about this huge support and want to thank everyone who has contributed to this success.


Of course it will still be possible to show support and to sign the call to the politicians. Probably in october we will take another step forward to get in direct contact with the politicians to show the importance of a family friendly VAT. We would like to do this with the support of at least 20.000 signatures. They will be a big help in the discussion with the Members of the German Parliament. Already some weeks ago, we have sent them a letter, asking them for their position on a reduced VAT rate for children's products.


The initiative has been very active in the last months: "7% for Kids" was a guest at the International Childrens Day at FEZ in Berlin, attended the general meeting of DFV, visited the Hamburg Zoo and had a lot of support on facebook. Regional an national media has also shown friendly support of our issue recently. On 18 September, the initiative will attend the event of the Worlds Childrens Day at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.


A "7% for kids" newsletter has been launched (in German only), giving the news on the campaign and new background information. To subscribe the newsletter please give a note to kontakt[at] 7fuerkinder.de.


Short info about the campaign:

The Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) e.V. and the German retailer for children’s fashion, toys and accessories, JAKO-O, initiated the campaign “7% für Kinder”, which is to date supported by several partners from different areas of society. We all share the belief, that providing for a decent childhood is a shared duty of the whole society. Policy makers must take children’s needs into greater account. The reduction of the VAT for typical children’s products and services would substantially contribute to this objective.