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[5. 7. 2011] The new AGF newsletter "Europa News" from now on informs about activities on the European level concerning family matters. The Newsletter will be published at the beginning of each month.


Families and family policies are under a strong impact of political measures of the European Union. This applies to the fields of employment, traffic, energy as well as to the framing conditions given by the EU concerning the education of children, the fight against poverty and many more. Many decisions are prepared by the EU, the interaction between the national and the European level is very intensive. Even in those areas where the EU does not have direct legal competences, a discussion about best practices between national governments takes plac aes well as between NGOs, experts and other stakeholders. The AGF also takes part in these discussions, because the dialogue with family organisations from other Member States is beneficial for all. Therefore, the AGF has become a member of the COFACE (Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union) since April 2010.


The Newsletter "Europa News" now once a month informs about the activities concerning family policies at the European level and what could be of special interest from a German perspective. It builds a bridge between the different policy levels, by bringing information about activities at European level to Germany. 

The news mainly aim at a German target group, so unfortunately they are only available in German.


"Europa News" is still in its beginnings and can therefore change in the future. We are looking forward to suggestions, additional information and hints. Please send your notes directly to europe [@] ag-familie [.] de. Christine Ludwig is the person in charge for the newsletter, you can reach her at tel. +49 (0) 219 62 -746.


You are welcome to inform others about our newsletter and share it. An email to the address above will do to subscribe "Europa News". You can also fill in the form at our website to subscribe to our newsletter. All issues that have been published so far can be downloaded there as well.



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