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[31. 5. 2011] On 1 and 2 June the AGF again takes part in the International Children’s Day in the "FEZ" this year. AGF presents the exhibition CHILDREN’S WORLDS and offers a join-in-activity in line with the campaign “7% for Kids”.


The AGF is attending the celebration of the International Children’s Day at the "FEZ". The exhibited photos were made by children of the Arche Berlin-Hellersdorf as well as by young people from structurally weak regions in Scotland. At the photo exhibition, children and adolescents stricken by poverty give insight in their daily lives and their way of living. The photos show the world from their perspective, sometimes touching, sometimes funny – but always straightforward.


In addition, AGF organizes a join-in-activity for children in line with the campaign “7% for Kids”. They can get in contact with the topic playfully by making, alone or with some help, a paper jumping jack as shown on one of the campaign posters. The best jumping jacks are rewarded with a “7% for Kids”-T-Shirt. Additionally, families can inform themselves about the reduced tax rate on child products. All people interested can take away campaign materials such as postcards or flyers and there will be the opportunity to sign the claim for a reduced VAT on products and services for children on-site.


The event is organized by FEZ Berlin, which celebrates the (east-German) International Children’s Day at beginning of June regularly. Like the years before, there is a lot to be discovered and experienced: planned is a non-stop show programme, information on the children’s lifes in other countries as well as on turkey life in Berlin, activities concerning children’s rights and the strengthening of their own personality as well as many games and sporting activities.