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Reduced VAT: JAKO-O offers 12% discount for families

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[18. 5. 2011] Until 31 May, JAKO-O offers a discount of 12 per cent on nearly the whole range of products.  With this special offer, JAKO-O shows how much money families could save, when the reduced VAT on children's products would be introduced


Starting the initiative “7% for Kids” together with the AGF, JAKO-O intends to leave more money in the family purse: until 31 May, families can already feel the benefits that the reduction of VAT for children's products from 19% right now to 7% would create.The retailer for children's products, which operates six branches across Germany, give a discount of 12 per cent on the whole range of products. Excluded are only furniture and products with fixed prices such as books. You will find the 12 per cent family discount at www.jako-o.de.

Rabattaktion JAKO-O

With this offer, JAKO-O wants to make a stand for the financial relieve of families as well as to promote the campaign “7% for Kids”, which has been started yesterday. Together with the other partners of the alliance “7% for Kids”, JAKO-O and AGF calls for a large-scale online signature initiative. At www.7fuerkinder.de, supporters can give their vote for the reduced VAT on products and services for children. The collected votes will be handed out to the politicians responsible for this matter in autumn this year.