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AGF Photo exhibition on the road

Photo Exhibition inseminar in Fulda

[17.01.2011] In late fall and winter 2010, the AGF-photo exhibition "Children's Worlds" was to be seen at various locations in Hessen. The roadshow started in the context of the study day of the Hessian AGF "to give all children opportunities" and then moved to two different locations in Hofgeismar.


The AGF Hessen Study day: to "give all children opportunities" was held on the 30.10.2010 in the Bonifatius house in Fulda, within the scope of the European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion. Guests included parents, educational staff and those responsible in politics, church and business. Patron was Stefan Grüttner, Minister for Labor, Family and Health.

The main speaker of the study day was the renowned poverty researcher, Gerda Holz. The deputy director of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Work and Social Education, explained the consequences of family poverty for the children, those consequences being multi faceted and made  it clear how, through such a material situation, the development process of adolescents becomes "strongly disturbed".
Because to be encouraged, if it doesn't go well in school, to attend the class trip, be a member of the athletic association, eating ice cream with the family or going to the summer festival and ride the carousel - this, which sounds so natural, is not possible for many kids.
The fact that play and development areas are missing for children and young people today, will have long-term consequences for their development, education and health and thus our entire society. Based on this responsibility, the Study day showed the various causes and consequences of poverty and social exclusion of children. At the same time, pathways have been identified and ideas developed, as to how to counteract discrimination and how practical support can be given.

Photo Exhibition in seminar in Fulda


The exhibition "Children’s worlds" was directly integrated into the conference room of the Study day. Ernst-Joachim Jost, director of the Catholic Family Federation in the Diocesan Association of Fulda was available for questions and explanations. The images of children and young people from Scotland and Berlin appealed ambivalently to the participants: they influenced one person as proof of joy and the spirit of discovery, and for others, the difficult conditions in the living environment of the adolescents were felt.
The exhibition encouraged thought and talking and flowed into the talks of the Study day. It was a successful and appropriate visual complement to the study day, to "give all children opportunities".

Afterwards the photos went on to Hofgeismar. First, they were shown in the context of a seminar for vicars from  15 to 18 November 2010. The seminar worked on the issue of "sunday school". On 29 and 30 November the photos were shown on a conference for full-time employees on sunday school of the Protestant church (EKD). The conference was held in the small castle of Schönburg in Hofgeismar.