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New AGF website

AGF logo

[18.08.2010] The web site of the AGF appears in new design. Now, freshly written and with new colours the AGF appears more modern on the Internet.


As well as the new graphic formation, the content structure was also modernized: with detailed information about the AGF, its main focuses, news, actions and activities, which are clearly arranged and easily to be found.
On the start page one finds news on the AGF, on the left side important thematic main focuses and activities and in the horizontal menu strip everything concerning the AGF itself. As regards content, related sides are connected with each other and they can be visited via the links in the right column.
The Internet site now appears in two languages, since unfortunately the translations have taken a longer time than expected, the English version was launched shortly after the German version The AGF wishes all much fun and enjoyment while browsing the website and gladly accepts feedback.