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Children's worlds-exhibit at the Arche courtyard party

Photo from Photo Exhibition Children's Worlds

Photo from Photo Exhibition Children's Worlds

[21.06.2010] On the 18.06.2010 the Arche e. V. traditional courtyard party took place. The exhibition "Children's Worlds" was also displayed at the courtyard party. The photos in the exhibit were created and provided by, among others, the children of the Arche.


Accordingly the young photographers (composed exclusively of girls who were 10 to 13 years of age at the time the photographs were taken) proudly presented their photos to the guests and explained what is to be seen in the pictures and why the photo was taken. Thus the AGF team already received many stories on the life of the children and also a living insight into the everyday work of the Arche, while hanging up the pictures.
In the photo exhibit "CHILDREN'S WORLDS" children and young people affected by poverty give insights into their social environments. They take us with them and show us the world from their perspective: touching, witty, bright, fluorescent, thoughtful, sobering – and always direct and honest. A s well as the photographers from the Arche the photos also originate from two youth organizations in Scotland.

'The Arche ' e. V. was founded in 1995 by Bernd Siggelkow in Berlin and has set as its purpose; getting children off the streets, acting against social deficits as well as putting children at the center of society. It daily offers a full, free of charge, warm meal, homework help, sensible leisure activities with sport and music, and above all a lot of attention. The Arche and the AGF will continue their cooperation over the coming months.