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European-wide survey by the World Movement of Mothers Europe

World Movement of Mothers Europe

[17.06.2010] The World Movement of Mothers Europe carries out a European-wide survey, in which mothers receive the opportunity to express their challenges, priorities and wishes concerning their well-being and that of their family.


The participation in the survey lasts approx. 15 minutes and is available in 10 languages, among others German. It is anonymous and strictly confidential. The survey takes place within the scope of the Family Platform which was initiated by the European commission, with numerous participants in order to receive an overview on current research, to identify future research necessities as well as the approaching trends of family policy in Europe. The World Movement of Mothers Europe is a member in the consortium that accompanies the work of the Family Platform. The survey for mothers is carried out throughout Europe. It is especially successful in France, Belgium and Spain. Altogether more than 7,000 persons have already taken part, from them more than 2,000 were in France alone, and Belgium and Spain each had approximately 1,000 participants. It offers an extraordinary possibility to have an influence on future European guidelines which also greatly concern the well-being of families in Germany.