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Great interest for photo exhibition Childrens' World

international Child Day in FEZ

International Child Day in FEZ

[31.05.2010] The Photo exhibition, “CHILDREN’S WORLDS”, presented in the FEZ by AGF during European day and international children’s day has aroused great interest.


On 8th of May and on the 31st of May the AGF attended the FEZ (leisure centre and recreation centre in the Wuhlheide Park) Berlin and presented its exhibition on “CHILDREN’S WORLDS”. Indeed, the weather did not join in all the time at the two events, however, despite the weather the exhibition was on both occasions very well visited. While the "taller” people had a look at the photos, photographed by children affected by poverty and young people from Berlin and Scotland, the "little ones" had great fun playing with play dough and colouring, even though due to its popularity they occasionally had to wait a little while. Then proudly they presented their parents and the onsite team of the AGF their finished works of art.