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AGF at European Festival in FEZ

European festival in FEZ

6th European festival in the FEZ

[19.04.2010] On the weekend of the 8th and 9th of May, 2010 as well as on the 31st of May the AGF with it’s photo exhibition "CHILDREN’S WORLDS" takes part in the European festival in 2010 and during the international child day in Berlin, in the FEZ.


At the festival the AGF will present their successful travelling exhibition, "CHILDREN’S WORLDS" in which poverty affected children and young people from Berlin and Scotland give insights into their social environments. They take us in and show us the world from their perspectives: touching, witty, bright, fluorescent, thoughtful, sobering – and always direct and honest. This is the 6th European festival (Europafest). It is a party for the whole family and is held in cooperation with the representatives of the European committee in Germany. The patron of the festival is Matthias Petschke, head  German European commission Representation in Berlin. Entry is free of charge.
On the 31st May the international child day takes place in the FEZ. Here the AGF will also show the exhibition "CHILDREN’S WORLDS".