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AGF President at New Year celebrations of the Federal President

Foto Edith Schwab, President of AGF

Edith Schwab, President of AGF

[12.01.2010] More than 60 socially engaged citizens were, as well as approximately 250 top representatives in politics, economy and culture, invited to the traditional New Year celebrations of the Federal President in Bellevue castle.


Also among them was the president of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen Familienorganisationen(AGF) e.V. (Association of the German Family Organizations), Edith Schwab. She used the opportunity to have a short discussion with Mr. Köhler who among those who are in the best position to tackle these issues, such as child poverty, was very open, above all in view of the European discussion against the background of the "European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion" in 2010. The AGF will further pursue contact and the good tradition of exchanging ideas with the Federal President again this year.