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Events of AGF


AGF Conference 2009


The AGF regularly organizes national and international conferences, meetings and discussions on well chosen, current political questions in collaboration with its member organisations. These events create an opportunity for the exchange of opinions, the formulation of political requirements and the development of effective implementation strategies.


Next conferences

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Past conferences and documentations

Most of our documentations are also availalbe in a printed version. Please contact the AGF office (info [@] ag-familie . de).

 Expert meeting on the European Child Guarantee: Children's access to free health care and health promotion in Germany



European Expert Meeting: Supporting those in need of care by foreign care workers in the home - ambivalences from the family perspective in the host and sending countries

 Conference: The 9. Family Report –­ Challenges for politics

European Expert Meeting on the European Child Guarantee: Children's access to nutrition and healthy food in Germany

AGF-conference "Kinderzentrierung und  Familienunterstützung in Konfliktsituationen, Trennungsprozessen und Scheidungsverfahren"

  • Date: 29. April 2020, 11:00 – 16:30 Uhr
  • Venue: Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, Ziegelstraße 30, 10117 Berlin
  • Weitere Informationen zum Hintergrund und Programm
  • Due to COVID-19, the conference was postponed and held as an Expert Meeting in November 2020

Joint conference of AGF and International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR)

Joint seminar by AGF and COFACE Families Europe on: "The Child Guarantee - A tool to tackle child poverty?"

  • Date: 29. September 2020
  • Hybride Event

 Quality of children all day care from the families perspective


Care arrangements after divorce / separation. European expert meeting 2019

Date: June 7, 2019

 What is digitalisation doing with families?

10 October 2017 in Berlin

A sutstainable future for all -  both in urban and rural areas

24 September 2018 in Berlin

The EU Work-Life-Balance Package: State of Play, Perception, Next Steps

02 July 2018 at Representation of the EU Commission in Berlin

Brave new world of work? Ideas for bringing in the family perspective into the digital work 4.0

18 October 2017 in Berlin

European Expert Meeting: Growing up digital - How can we make the internet safe for children and young people?

03 July 2017 in Berlin



How to achieve a just subsistence level for children?

17 November 2016, Berlin

The impact of digitalisation on 21st century families

A joint conference with COFACE - Families Europe, 7 - 8 Nov, Berlin

European Expert Meeting: Meeting the subsistence minimum of a child. Measures, objectives and principles of monetary transfers for children in European states

27 June 2016 in Berlin

AGF-conference on quality child care

30 November 2015, Berlin


62. International Conference of International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR) on „CHANGING TIMES: IMPACTS OF TIME ON FAMILY LIFE“

22-24 June 2015; WZB Berlin Social Science Center




European Expert Meeting Good Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care

Date: 25. 06. 2015

60 Anniversary of AGF

20 November 2014

Time for families?! Family time policy as a policy field – A European comparison

Date: 17 June 2014 in Berlin

The central issue was whether a so-called family time policy, as recommended in Germany, is discussed in other European countries too. Please find below the documentation of the meeting and the presentations of the experts invited.

#FamiliesVOTE2014 debate

Date: 28 March 2014, Berlin

Ways to a family oriented labour market

Date: 29 October 2013

"We make the society!" Family Convention

Date: 06.-08. September

No Space for Families? Inclusion and Housing

Date: 30 August 2013 in Berlin

The focus laid on the growing problems for families at the housing markets in the EU Member States, especially in urban areas. Please find below the dokumentation and some presentations of the experts invited.

Children, Care and Professional Life - what does families help to overcome time pressure? 

Date: 22 November 2012 in Berlin

The Right to Family Reunification – The European Directive and national implementation in the current discussion. 

Date: 22 June 2012, berlin

The reduced VAT rate in Europe - Opportunities for Effective Support for Families

Date: 08 September 2011

An expert meeting of AGF and COFACE at the representation of the European Commission in Germany

Child Poverty in Germany and Europe -Where are we at the End of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion?

Date: 30 Nov 2010 in Berlin

Conference by AGF and European Commission Representation in Germany on child poverty.

Child Poverty – A European Challenge

Date: 31 August and 01 September 2009

In the European Symposium over the course of two days European experts discussed the issue of child poverty in the European Academy in Berlin. The contributions of the speakers as well as a summary of the discussions can be found in the detailed documentation.

Children need Future – for an Europe without Poverty! 

Date: 14 November 2008

The event was directed at representatives of family-political and child-political organizations as well as at well-known scientists and academics from the European member states. In focus was the exchange of ideas and exchange of experience among the masses, the causes and the results of child poverty in the European member states as well as the search for common suggestions on solutions.


Child Poverty - a Structural Challenge 

Date: 21 November 2007

The results of poverty appear with children in nearly all areas of their life: Poverty leads to disadvantages in educational opportunities, to poorer health, to social exclusion and to damaged self-confidence. This conference placed the main focus on the institutions concerned with child poverty and structures in Germany. As well as this, the question as to how the present political and institutional structures themselves contribute to the solidification of this poverty was posed.


DNK conference: Meeting Place Europe - Families and Generations on New Paths

Date: 19-20 March 2007

The demographic development in almost all European countries is one of the biggest challenges for the member states of the EU. In the conference of the German national committee (DNK) of the world Family Organization the relevant subject complexes were consolidated in collaboration with the AGF: Those including relations between the generations, mutual and lifelong learning as well as support of the families for the protection of a united community.

The documentation "Meeting Place Europe" (in German) can be ordered from the office of the AGF.

Education Competence and the Borders of Diversity 

Date: 09-10 November 2006

The Family-appropriate Tax Revision - which Tax Policy do families need?

Date: 24-25 October 2005

The discussion on family incentives and the distribution of burden in Germany stood at the forefront of this symposium. As well as the elaboration on the current state of affairs, the history of the development of these achievements was examined and the overall view was directed past the national state of affairs to include that of the European neighbours. Thus it was clarified which family incentive schemes other European countries use and which alternative models could perhaps also be relevant for Germany.

International Year of the Family - 10 years later. The family as a Mirror of Social and Political Developments 

Date: 15-16 November 2004

What has changed for families after the international year of the family in 1994? Which quantitative and qualitative results can be recognised? This stock-taking on the current situation of families was supplemented with the search for perspectives for a European family policy.

The Seventh Family Report - Questions and Suggestions on the Issue of "Child-conditioned Poverty" 

Date: 07 June 2004

This discussion with members of the expert's committee on the seventh family report 'Future of the Family - Social Changes and Social Cohesion‘ enabled the AGF to draw attention to important family political necessities, in the run up to the report. The issue of 'child-conditioned poverty' was the main focus of the discussions.

What Children need- What do Children need?

Date: 24-25 June 2003

At the centre of this discussion was the social educational responsibility for children. Against the background of the other consequences from PISA - as well as the IGLU study, the seminar discussed particularly which educational and care concepts  appropriate for children, are necessary  and also from the children’s‘ perspectives, how and which collaborations between families and educational institutions should be formed.

Children in Good Hands- On the Connection between Family and Education Policy 

Date: 29-30 October 2002

In this professional discussion with various topical studies on the education of children and young people main focuses were established for further work, and educational policy requirements were composed. The collaboration with and for families was at the forefront, with the purpose of strengthening and further supporting the education and up bringing responsibility of the family.