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Reduction of VAT on typical products and services for children

Postcard for VAT-Campaign

Campaign 7% für Kinder

For a while, the reduced VAT rate in Germany has been lively discussed again. The Federal Government has, according to their announcement in the coalition contract, set up a Government Commission with the mandate to work on a suggestion for a new system of reduced VAT rates over the year 2011. In this regard, relevant stakeholders frequently claim to abolish the reduced rate at all respectively to allow only very few exemptions from the standard rate.


These changes would misdirect our society completely. It is a common trend to cut income taxes and at the same time raise indirect taxes, but this is crucial especially for families and households with low income. They spend a huge part of their income for their daily requirements, meaning that they would be mostly affected by high consumer taxes  (e.g. VAT) but would, conversely, not benefit from a reduced income tax.


However, families need support, because they contribute considerably to the development of society. Therefore, the AGF still argues for using the reduced VAT rate of 7 percent on products and services for children.  Even under the condition that major decisions concerning the VAT system are made at the European level, there is enough space left for national designs. Germany could implement the VAT reductions that the European rules already allow, such as for child car seats and school catering, and it can promote the reduction of VAT on products and services for children at the European level. The reduced VAT rate for children’s products means a resounding Yes! towards the social responsibility for children. It is part of a family-friendly policy that makes life with children attractive and supports families.


Launching the campaign "7% for Kids"


The AGF and JAKO-O has, therefore, in cooperation with Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk and others, launched the campaign “7% für Kinder”, which defends, firstly, the reduced VAT rate in general and, secondly, its application to products and services for children. The campaign will be carried by an alliance of different associations, organizations and facilities from both society and economy. They all are united by the wish to take a clear position for more child friendliness, for the financial support of families and for the acknowledgement of their social contributions.


The campaign "7% für Kinder" has been launched on 17 May 2011. Parents, children and members of the alliance formed a huge seven in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. In doing so, they enforced their claim for lowering VAT on products and services for children. Together with Enie van de Meiklokjes, TV-moderator and ambassodor for Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, the initiators have brought forward their statements to the public and distributed campaign material.


In line with the campaign "7% for Kids", several acitivities are planned in order to increase pressure on policy-makers. This includes poster advertising on busses and in central underground stations in Berlin-Mitte as well as a survey among all Members of the German Parliament and an online signature initiative at www.7fuerkinder.de. This website and the campaign's presence at facebook are the central information platforms for all those interested.