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Panel discussion on family and digitalisation

Family Digital

[5. 9. 2018] AGF invites to a panel discussion on the impact of digitalisation on families. We will discuss questions that often arise in families such as: What conflicts may arise in families? What is the best framework for families to profit from best from digitalisation and what should be done? Parents and professionals often have different perspectives and solutions on these questions.

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EuropaNews August 2018

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[31. 8. 2018] The newest issue of AGF EuropaNews provides information about social and family policy related news from Europe and the European Union for the month of August 2018. It also comprises references to studies, reports and upcoming events. Unfortunately, AGF EuropaNews is only available in German.

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EuropaNews July 2018

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[31. 7. 2018] The current issue of AGF EuropaNews is out now. It presents the latest activities regarding families in Europe. For instance, the European Parliament hast dealt with the Work-Life-Balance package proposal by the European Commission.

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Part 4 of series of publications on German subsistance level for children

AGF series

[5. 7. 2018] With this series AGF makes a stocktaking of the current system to secure a subsistance level for children in Germany. Today the forth and final part of the series on the subsistance level for children in the German covers the maintenance law and the law on children's bonus allowance and was published today. It is available as pdf.

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EuropaNews June 2018

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[30. 6. 2018] The lates issue of AGF EuropaNews was published today. As usual, it contains current activities regarding families on the european level and in european countries. In this issue the work-life-balance package is one of the main topics, because the European Council had a dicission on it on 21 June. The EuropaNews are only published in German.

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Family organisations: Work-Life-Balance Package has to be supported

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[18. 6. 2018] The family organisations urge the German govenment to support the work-life-balance package on the next meeting of the European Council on 21 JUne. This is clained by the organisations in the run-up to the meeting on which the states will have a decision on the initiaitive. A positive decision is not yet aussured.

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