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AGF in Europe


Decisions on Family policy are taken on all political levels, not just the municipal level, federal state level and national level, but also on the European level. Furthermore other states have strong experience, so that an intensive exchange with them benefits to all. The AGF and its member's federations therefore are intensely involved at the European level. Up until and inclusive of 2010, this was primarily a cooperation on and in the European section of the World Family Organization (E-WFO).


After one year of enjoying guest membership the AGF became a regular member of the COFACE in March 2010 and now strengthens its engagement there. COFACE (Confédération des Organisations Familiales de l'Union européenne: Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union) is a union of more than 50 European family organizations from 23 states. They exchange experience and take influence on the European level of family policy via conferences, statements and position papers. The AGF is mostly involved with COFACE in the Working group on Family and Social policy and has a seat and voice in the Administrative Council. As the German COFACE member the AGF thus supports there the influence and communication possibilities between the European and national levels, as well as the exchange of experience with other European states.


AGF Logo mit Europa-SternenIn June 2011, AGF has first published regularly information about current developments regarding family policies at European level. The AGF newsletter will be released monthly, always at the beginning of each month. Those who are interested can find all issues published so far and the contact form to subscribe for the "Europa News" here. Please note: "Europa News" is only published in German.


AGF European Activities in 2010 / 2011:


  • participation in the EU Consultation on the "Future of VAT", claiming a familyfriendly VAT system and a reduction of VAT on children's products


  • position paper on the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion as well as on the planned measures of the German Government for reaching the European anit-poverty aims


  • analyzing the different reports of the Familyplatform from a German perspective and preparing an own summary with the focus on developments in family matters important for Germany


  • conference in line with the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion: "Child Poverty in Germany and Europe. Where are we at the End of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion?"


  • background dialogue with representatives of the EU Commission about poverty