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Position Papers of AGF

The position papers and statements following are listed in chronological order. You will find our press releases in the Press section, the reports of our events at Events.


AGF recommendations on the national implementation EU Child Guarantee

Date: May 2022

AGF statement on the draft law for the implementation of the Europen Work Life Balance Package in Germany

Date: April 2022

AGF statement on draft law on full day child care in elementary school age

Date: 21 April 2021

AGF Position Paper on the requirements for the quality of full day child care for children in elementary school age

Date: 23. June 2020

AGF statement on draft law on digitalisation of family allowances

Date: 15 May 2020

AGF statement on draft law on child protection in a digital world

Date: 28 February 2020

AGF Discussion Paper: Digital Change and its impact on families

Date: November 2019

Comment on the Europeans Parliament decision on the "Work-Life-Package"

Date: 04 April 2019

Joint comment of AGF, German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Federal Forum Men (Bundesforum Männer), National Council of German Women’s Organizations (Deutscher Frauenrat) and Zukunftsforum Familie

AGF position paper on high quality child care

Date: April 2016

AGF position papers on a family-oriented working life

Date: April 2015

Including papers on: 1. Corporate Culture, 2. Right of return from part time work to full time, 3. Long-Term Work Hours Accounts as a Time Policy Measure, 4. Precarios Employment

AGF statement on 3rd educational study by JAKO-O

Date: September 2014

AGF position on right of return to full time

Date: November 2013

AGF comment on 2. educational study of JAKO-O

Date: September 2012

AGF comment on 8th family report by the German Government

Date: April 2012

Position Paper on care

Date: March 2012

Contribution to GREEN PAPER on the right to family reunification of third-country nationals living in the European Union (Directive 2003/86/EC)

Date: February 2012

AGF Position on the draft law for simplifying bureaucracy of Advanced Child Maintenance

Date: February 2012


Statement on the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion

Date: September 2011

Comment of AGF on 1. educational study of JAKO-O (in German)

Date: September 2010

Download of comment

Position Paper on the Fight against and the Prevention of Child Poverty in the European Union

Date: September 2009

In a process helped by the previous expert talks in 2008 in Berlin, a common position paper from the participating organisations, on the issue of child poverty developed out of the European conference in 2009.


Statement regarding the draft law for the change of the National child benefit law, 26.03.2008

Date: March 2008

Statement regarding the draft law for changing of the law on the protection of children and young people

Date: September 2007

Open letter: Expansion of the care of children less than 3 years of age 

Date: May 2007


Statement regarding cut backs on maternal leave 

Date: May 2007

Statement of opinion: Living Circumstances in Germany 

Date: January 2005